Before you view my content, please read my message:

George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer.

Police brutality and racial injustice is out of control in America.

I want to raise my voice to bring the justice George Floyd and his family NEED.

Change will only happen if every single one of us 

raise are voices. 

Do your part. 

Sign your name.


Change your website design to all black.

Use the #blm hashtag.

And keep to social distancing if your protest.

I am a Maine photographer and musician who uses both photography and music to document the world around me.  My photography also allows me to display and appreciate the wonders of Maine and its culture as well as the wonders outside of Maine.  My goal is to create photographs of the overlooked aspects of life, drawing viewers into the present.  Along with the happy moments we cherish, I also capture the moments that show the truth and reality.  For the past four years, I have also focused on photographing people as another way to document the world around me.  An additional goal is to capture the world through a different perspective, breaking away from the common trends. 


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