I am a Maine musician, composer, and photographer.  Growing up in Maine has inspired me to create music that reflects the culture and beauty of Maine.  I combine different styles of music to create a unique sound set apart from other songs and pieces.  My photography also allows me to display and appreciate the wonders of Maine and its culture as well as the wonders outside of Maine. This website lets you experience my journey through music and photographs.

I hope you, too, explore the world through whatever medium you admire!

Professional Use

The Maine Lobster Industry

Coming April 4th & 5th

Hampshire College, Art Gallery, Main floor

The Boothbay Region Art Foundation

August 2019

The Maine Photography Show

Juried and Exhibited 2013 & 2017


Hampshire College

Amherst, Massach

Photographer/Communications Assistant 


Shannon's Unshelled

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Complete website design with photographs

A Campaign for Hampshire College

Amherst, Massachusetts

Mission and About Us 



I am from Whitefield, Maine where many of my photographs are taken and music is inspired.  My interest in music and photography started during my early childhood after showing interest in disposable cameras and a small piano keyboard. Throughout the years, photography and music have shaped my life in many ways.  My photography often is accompanied by my music in short videos and my music's album artwork always features my photographs. 


I currently study photography and music at Hampshire College and have completed a semester of piano performance and composition at Ulster University, Magee Campus in Derry, Northern Ireland.  After my experiences across the Northern Ireland, I have found a strong interest in Irish Traditional Music, incorporating some aspects of this unique genre into my music. 


I continue to photograph and compose music through different perspectives.  I am also writing for piano and orchestra.  The world has myriad features that need to be shown through photography and music.

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Dmitry Pepper

Music & Photography

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